Doug's 'Bruiser'
The Re-do





So we start this story with Doug 'Snowman' buying a beautiful '71 vert.  Originally he just wanted a nice car to make it to cruise nights on Saturday nights.  During the initial preventative maintenance before our annual cruise to Bowling Green for the Corvette Forum Cruise-In everything seemed to be going well.  There was one part broken during the process, the driver's side door hinge spring, which may very well have set in motion the beginning of this story.  A few weeks later the car was 'ready' for the long cruise to Bowling Green, KY.  Luckily, problems came early enough to bring the car back to Doug's garage and let it wait for our return.  The first problem was when Patrick was driving what we will now call 'Bruiser' trying to keep up with Doug in his C6 Z06 and broke the internal shift linkage on the installed TKO-600.  Well, once we got back to Houston and started taking parts off for the transmission fix we decided to take the oil pan off to fix a pesky little leak.  Upon inspection, there was some nasty bearing damage so out came the motor.  The rest of the story, well, is the beginning of the re-do of Bruiser.
This is what Doug started with.  Beautiful....but oh how things will change!  Follow along as we chronicle the re-do of Bruiser.....
Here is the original 454 just before pulling to inspect the internal damage.
The motor is out and the cleaning process begins.
Driver's fender cleaned and painted.  Hydraboost power brakes and Steeroids will soon be installed.
Original HVAC before....
....and after a little cleaning.  A new Hot Rod Air system will be replacing the original HVAC setup.
The gas tank was removed so some cleaning and installation of a sump for an electric fuel pump could be installed.
Beginning dash work.  New wiring harness will be installed along with AutoMeter guages and the Hot Rod Air setup.
That's one of our members, Dave, on the left.  He lives just down the street from Doug and 'claims' he's never worked on these cars.  He's either a good actor or learns VERY quickly.