1st Annual Fall Extravaganza
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Casper's maiden voyage with the 598
Date: Sat & Sun Oct 7th/8th

Saturday Oct 7th: High Meadows Ranch Rec Center Pavilion
Gather late morning
Tuning and maintenance (our expert tech staff...some REALLY are)
Bench racing (tall tales) while starting the BBQ cooker
Road testing while Chef Willie (Camaro drag car) is cooking
About 6pm eat, family and friends invited (ladies and family can come join us earlier, of course)
Celebrity appearance: we can not get Burt Reynolds from
Cannonball Run, but Captain Chaos will attend
At dark a first run car movie:
Two Lane Highway with historic narration by the Captain himself
Coffee and safe trip home until next morning

Sunday Oct 8th: Cruise to Historic Brenham
Gather at Black Horse golf club for light breakfast 9:30-10:30
About 11am drive via Chapel Hill to the Airport in Brenham
Lunch at the Southern Flyer Cafe around noon (a real 1950s road diner!)
Return to Houston via Washington on the Brazos Park

We will have 2-way radios for the convoy and tool boxes for the old cars (if needed).
High Meadow Ranch Rec Center Pavilion

Take Hwy 249 through Tomball, Decker Prairie and Pinehurst.  At Pinehurst, 249/149 branch right at the light but you go straight toward Magnolia on what is now FM1774.
The next light is High Meadow Ranch Drive (big stone entrance) to the left.
Take High Meadow Ranch drive to the rec center on the left...pool, baseball diamond, tennis courts, and pavilion.

The first installment of our annual Fall Extravaganza went wonderfully.  Many of our members came Saturday and Sunday and Captain Chaos made an appearence Sunday on the highway.

Saturday we started with finishing off Patrick's 598 install and got it running.  WOW, what a beast!!!  He's now finishing up the interior and other pieces and plans to have it on the road in time for the 8th Corvette Forum Cruise-In.  There was also some delicious BBQ and most everyone brought out their significant others for some good fun.  After Patrick made the maiden voyage in Casper we had some fun with the Spark Plug competition.  Let's just say that some of the guys were embarrassed by the women!  Now you guys have got them checking to make sure you're really in the garage all afternoon and not at the local cantina.  In the evening we had a big screen viewing of Two Lane Blacktop but that didn't last the entire movie as most of us where worn out and wanted to get some shut-eye before Sunday's cruise.

Sunday we met at the Black Horse Country Club for breakfast and then headed off to Brenham.  Along the way Captain Chaos came out of hiding and even showed the Snowman that some old school muscle can still put a spank on new 'tech-y' motors.  We had lunch at a small diner at the Brenjam airport and then went into town for some ice cream.  It was a beautiful day and next year's event will be even better.

Enjoy the pictures!
We could hardly believe it.  Casper, alive, in front of our very eyes.  Most of us had to touch it just to make sure it was really there!!!
Joe doing his safety wire thing....as usual....   It just wouldn't be right w/out some aircraft safety wire!
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